Web Browser

Web pages accessed through the Web option in the explorer or via Links of Web in the main menu are displayed by the built-in web browser. These web pages appear as individual tabs.

You can use the built-in web browser in the same manner as standard web browsers.

  • Click the back button back or the forward button fwd to navigate to previously displayed locations.

  • Update the web page to its most recent state by clicking the reload button reload.

  • Save the web page URL using the favorite button favorite. Saved pages will be listed under Web in the explorer.

  • Use the search button search to find specific text within the web page.

  • Use the zoom button zoom to either zoom in or zoom out on the web page.

When a tab is dragged & dropped outside of the tab bar, the web page opens in an external browser.

You can select text within the web page, right-click it, and choose Search Material from the context menu to search the materials database.

Shortcut keys list



Alt + ←

Ctrl + ←


Alt + →

Ctrl + →



Zoom in

Ctrl + ;

Zoom out

Ctrl + -

Find in page

Ctrl + F


Close popup

Ctrl + W

Ctrl + Q

Open link in new tab

Wheel click

* For macOS, replace Ctrlcommand , Altoption .

Downloading structure information file or pseudopotential file

When you click a download link for a structure information file or a pseudopotential file, a popup window displaying the file’s information appears concurrently with downloading. For structure information files, a 3D model is displayed. Double-click the model to open a new project view and begin the analysis.


The files downloaded in the web browser are listed under Downloads in the explorer.