Purchasing License

This software operates as shareware. You can try it for one month with a trial license. If you find that the software meets your needs, please purchase a paid license to continue using it.

To use either the trial or paid version, please obtain your license from us. The license model varies based on the environment, as follows:

  • Windows, macOS: node-locked license

This allows you to use the software on one specific computer.

  • Linux: floating license

This permits use of the software on any computer. However, the license server (program for license authentication) must be run on one specific computer.

We also offer paid technical support for the open-source calculation engines that are compatible with this software. We encourage you to consider utilizing this service.


Trial Package

  • Free for 1 month

  • All functionalities in production package available

Production Package

  • Base

Basic modeling / calculation / visualization functions

  • Pro

Basic + additional powerful modeling / calculation functions

Interface model builder and polymer modeler are available in Ver. 2.9.1 Pro edition.


Annual license*(/yr. without tax)

Company, National institute


Advance/NanoLabo Base

500,000 JPY

250,000 JPY

Advance/NanoLabo Pro

900,000 JPY

450,000 JPY

Jupyter Interface for NanoLabo

+400,000 JPY

+200,000 JPY

* Maintenance and support service is included in annual license price.

Permanent license**(without tax)

Company, National institute


Advance/NanoLabo Base

1,500,000 JPY

750,000 JPY

Advance/NanoLabo Pro

2,700,000 JPY

1,350,000 JPY

Jupyter Interface for NanoLabo

+1,200,000 JPY

+600,000 JPY

** The price of the permanent license includes one year of maintenance and support service. Starting from the second year, an additional maintenance fee will be required.

Technical support (/yr. without tax)

Company, National institute


QE Support Option

500,000 JPY

250,000 JPY

LP Support Option

500,000 JPY

250,000 JPY

Technical support on using Quantum ESPRESSO.

Technical support on using LAMMPS.

Licensing procedure

This software retrieves a unique Host ID from the computer (Windows/macOS computer where you use this software, or Linux computer where you run the license server). We then issue a license file corresponding to that specific Host ID.

After you register the license, we will typically send you a license file within 5 business days.

During installation

The license registration window will appear during the installation process. For guidance, please refer to How to Install (Windows, Linux).

After installation / After trial period

If the license is either unregistered or expired, a window prompting license registration will appear when you launch the software.

  1. A window titled FLEXible License Finder may appear. Click Cancel to close it.

  2. A window titled FLEXible License Manager may appear. Click OK to close it.

  3. If a window titled Error appears, click OK.

  4. When the License Registration Guidance window appears, click Mail or copy the Host Name and Host ID displayed in the window and sendthis information to support.nano@advancesoft.jp along with the license type you wish to order.

Acquiring Host ID of Linux machine from Windows

You can utilize remoteLicense tool to conveniently obtain the Host ID of a Linux machine while using Windows.

Below is the outline of the procedure. For detailed instruction, please refer to the manual.

  1. Install the software using the remoteLicense installer and then launch it.

  2. Navigate to the Host tab and input the connection details for the Linux machine.

  3. Click on Get Host ID . Once the Host ID is retrieved, click on Send Mail of License Request .